Test Task for Imari

What do I want to accomplish with this test and building exposure to the BDSM test? What is my motivation?

We want to get more eyeballs to our BDSM test so people start sharing it with others, linking to us, talking about the test.

We want to get feedback for the test and see what are people's impressions of it.

Finally, this is a test task that will evaluate how you (Imari) think, learn, and how we gel working together.

What is the difference that more eyeballs/links/exposure will make? What impact will this have?

Right now SexualAlpha has published a lot of valuable content, but we aren't getting enough trust from Google, we aren't getting visitors that we should be getting.

We are lacking the authority. We created this BDSM test to create a great free resource with the community to change this. We want to become trusted advisors to people on sex/sex toy topics.

By creating an incredibly useful, free, and eye-opening BDSM test we hope it will get us there. But the old adage “if you build, they will come” is wrong.

Even the best resources in the world won't be discovered without good promotion/marketing.

The more eyeballs we can get to the test, the better chances are that we'll get noticed as a trustworthy resource.

This will give us:

  • more links
  • more traffic
  • more social shares

And in turn, our business will be growing.

What does the completed project look like?

You'll share detailed notes and/or Loom video of what you learned from Study files…and ideas you have about how our BDSM test is different/better than main BDSMtest.org…what angle will you use to sell it to people you'll be reaching out to.

You've written a templated email that you'll send to people who've linked to our competitor ( https://bdsmtest.org/ ) asking for their feedback on our test… And telling reasons why they should check it out: https://bdsmtest.org/ (competitor).

After the templated email will be approved (we'll go back & forth to polish it), you'll send 5 emails to 5 prospects using a template, but personalizing each email. (this will require investigating his site, his Twitter profile feed to create an email that is UNIQUE to them).

Then you'll send these 5 emails (after finding the right email address) + get at least 1 email response.

So it will be about your thinking + prospecting + emailing.


So the first steps:

  • Take both tests
  • Study
  • Share your learnings, thoughts, and questions
  • What angle you will take to find relevant people to contact about the test?

Remember: Ask if something is unclear. But try to figure out things yourself too. You don't know what you don't know, and I might forget to share something that's crucial for you to move forward. So help me, help you then.

Deadline: The test will conclude by Dec 28 (one week for now) — at the same time we did the first Slack interview (8.00 my time, 14.00 PH time I guess).

We'll judge the progress, test success/failure at that time NO MATTER of progress done.

During this week, I am also willing to jump on the call to hear your learnings, answer your questions, align our thinking.



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